Climate Kic Cross-Kic New European Bauhaus

Capitalising on existing citizen engagement activities in re-designing the public realm.

On 18 January 2021, the Commission launched the design phase of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative. The NEB is an environmental, social and cultural initiative, aiming to combine at the same time quality of experience, sustainability, and inclusiveness in order to help deliver the European Green Deal. The Cross KIC NEB is led by EIT Climate-KIC and participated by EIT Digital, EIT Food and EIT Urban Mobility.

This Call addresses climate innovation in public space through citizen engagement. By capitalising on successful activities developed by EIT Climate-KIC on social activation and experimentation, this Call aims at bringing together Cities, regions or affiliated entities to Cities and regions, and social engagement innovators to empower civil society and drive climate action in the light of the NEB initiative.

This Cross-KIC NEB Call will mobilise citizen-driven initiatives and ideas all across-Europe building on the EIT’s ecosystem as Europe’s largest innovation community. The objective is the wider promotion of the NEB initiative across relevant stakeholders in Europe, creating a NEB community with cities/regions, citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs and local associations.

Examples of  outcomes to which activities under this Call would contribute to are:

  • Historic cities and towns that are climate resilient, sustainable, diverse and inclusive.
  • Sustainable and climate resilient neighbourhoods as community assets and services.
  • Inverting the relationships between city and nature by conceptualising cities in the natural  environment.
  • Exploration of the spatial needs to reduce needs for dependence on personal mobility (i.e., 15-minute city).


Monday, August 9th 2021

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