Terms and conditions for the translation service

Who can be a beneficiary of this service?

  • Universities looking to translate their websites, or documents to apply for awards, seals or any other procedure.
  • Researchers who require a translator for whole papers, specific parts of them or any other documents.

When can you request the service?

The form requesting the service must be filled out  allowing the translator enough time to provide the service. This will depend on the length and complexity of the file, and a specific deadline may be set by both parties once the translator has had a chance to revise it. Alternately, if there is a previously established deadline, the translator will notify the interested party whether it can be completed on time or not.

What does the translation service involve for the applicant researcher or institution?

RUVID puts the researcher or institution in touch with the translator.

The available translators have English as their mother tongue, are highly qualified and/or have experience revising English scientific projects.

The translator will then ensure the entire document is translated from Spanish into English.

How is the service organised?

In a period of at most two working days after receiving the service request, the applicant party will receive a quote for the translation service on behalf of the translator together with an order confirmation document.

Once the order is confirmed by the applicant party, the translator will conduct the translation and will then deliver the revised document upon completion.

Commitments of the parties:

Neither the translator nor RUVID will be held responsible, under any circumstances, for the success or failure of proposals, or for the approval or rejection of scientific articles.

Neither the translator nor RUVID are liable for any claims by third parties that may arise in relation to this service.

The translation service ends when the translator delivers the revised document to the applicant party.

The translation process will be monitored by RUVID throughout the duration of the service. In the event of a conflict between the applicant party and the translator, RUVID may act as a mediator to ensure the service is delivered adequately.

Both the translator and RUVID, as the provider of this service, will agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement in relation to the revised document when necessary.