UPV researchers at the IET Awards

By 23 enero, 2017Other, Technology

Two projects developed by researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de València were nominated in several categories for the Institute of Engineering and Technology‘s 2016 Innovation Awards.

One of the world’s leading engineering institutions with over 167,000 members in 150 countries, the IET Innovation Awards are an international showcase for excellence in this field. The UPV’s two projects, BIP2see and ATCSA, competed against more than 400 other projects from 25 countries to become finalists in five categories.

BIP2see was nominated in the Intelligent Systems, Navigation & Surveillance, and Manufacturing Technology categories. Its researchers have developed a technology that can generate sound maps that allow the visually-impaired to independently navigate their surroundings.

Researchers Larisa Dunai (School of Industrial Engineering (ETSID) and the Graphic Technology Research Centre (GTRC)), Mónica Chillarón (Department of Information Systems and Computing (DSIC)), Andrés Conejeros and Karen González (ETSID and the Institute of Design and Manufacturing (IDF)) and Andrés Prieto (DSIC) have also created an application that can read faces, euro bills, signage and even text, communicating everything to the user via bone conduction headphones – a breakthrough in listening technology that gives you all the functionality of headphones without blocking your ears.

Speaking on the occasion of these nominations, Larisa Dunai tells us: «We have been working on this project now for over 10 years, and at the IET Awards we were mainly competing against companies, and a small group of universities of the calibre of Princeton and Cambridge».

ACTSA provides a new non-invasive approach to detecting incipient failures in electric motors based on the analysis of machine currents. It has been developed by the Energy Technology Institute (ITE, a centre jointly run by the UPV and the Spanish ministry of economy, industry and competitiveness) and was nominated in the Energy and Manufacturing Technology categories.

Led by José Alfonso Antonino, the project’s technology is already in use in several countries, including the UK. «Essentially it consists of advanced techniques based on signal processing tools that can determine […] the general health of machines that are widely used in industry. Failures can have significant economic repercussions, not to mention consequences for the image of the industry in question», he explains, adding that «just the fact that our project was considered for these awards makes us very proud, because the IET is a centenary institute in the field of electrical engineering, and we were up against many big contenders on the international stage».

For more information on BIP2see, see the team’s video. Also available is the UPV’s news report of the nominations for both projects (in Spanish only).

Source: Universitat Politècnica de València