Natural antiparasitic processes hinder anisakis infection in fish

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The publishing of several articles that reveal the vulnerability of farmed fish to the anisakis parasite has prompted the research group in Marine Zoology of the University of Valencia to experimentally assess the infective susceptibility of fish when exposed to this parasite. The results from the ANITEST project, which just ended, show that, in the improbable case that the parasite reaches farms, fish are not very susceptible to being infected. Read More

Researchers capture high-frequency oscillations in the gigantic eruption of a neutron star

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An international scientific group with outstanding Valencian participation has managed to measure for the first time oscillations in the brightness of a neutron star –magnetar– during its most violent moments. In just a tenth of a second, the magnetar released energy equivalent to that produced by the Sun in 100,000 years. The observation has been carried out automatically, without human intervention, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence of a system developed at the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Valencia.

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