IberoGEN develops a kit for detecting coronavirus on handles, mobile telephones, and switches

Company IberoGEN at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has developed a test for the early detection of coronavirus on surfaces susceptible to contamination from everyday use, such as handles, railings, switches, telephones, and keyboards, which is intended for comprehensive service companies as well as specialised entities. The test is also valid for detecting the virus in wastewater, an important aspect for controlling outbreaks of COVID-19.

IberoGEN is responsible for providing a sampling kit that any person who follows a few simple indications can use, which the company then analyses and whose results become available in at most three days.

The objective of the test is to facilitate a return to normalcy by ensuring locations are free from the virus, thus preventing further spread of the disease and new infections. IberoGEN has made clear that the test is not suitable for humans, despite the analysis following the same standards that the World Health organization has established.