Researchers identify particles trapped in 2D materials that are essential for the design of quantum computers

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Researchers from the Institute of Materials Science of the University of Valencia (ICMUV) have contributed to detecting excitons – particles responsible for the interaction between light and matter – trapped in 2D materials that form moire patterns, one of the scientific challenges in this field. The finding, published in Nature Materials, represents a step forward towards the design of new materials for the next generation of devices applicable to the quantum computer. Read More

University helps mass production of protection screens

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A team from the Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSA), the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Institute of Heritage Restoration (IRP) from Valencia’s Polytechnic University (UPV) is working, thanks to the collaboration of the Territorial School of Architects of Valencia (CTAV), in the mass manufacturing of protection screens for healthcare staff exposed to COVID-19, through semi-industrialised serial casting techniques. The CTAV contributes economically to manufacturing this equipment. Read More