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“League”, “football” and “premier league” were the most repeated sports terms on Twitter at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Luis Millán González, researcher and professor of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the University of Valencia, has led a study on the relationship between COVID-19 and sport on social network Twitter during the first months of the pandemic. The work confirms the importance of European football, the Olympics (which were cancelled at that time) and that a majority of tweets focus on men’s professional sports and large mass events. Read More

Study among college students shows that 39.2% send sexual content via mobile phone or social networks

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As many as 39.2% of young university students surveyed in a study carried out by Enrique García-Tort and Laura Monsalve Lorente, from the Department of Teaching and School Organisation at the University of Valencia, have practiced sexting: sending sexual content via mobile phone or social media. The research also shows a correlation between moral assessment, risk perception and frequency, meaning its practice increases according to whether sexting is perceived more positively and/or safely. Read More

Airbnb customers choose accommodation based on a non-monetary price and past experience

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Inés Küster and Juan J. Pascual, researchers in the Department of Marketing and Market Research at the University of Valencia, point out that non-monetary price and experience are the variables that most influence the purchasing decision Airbnb users. In addition, in an article published in the journal Management Letters / Cuadernos de Gestión, they recommend that hosts focus on generating enjoyable experiences rather than maximising the value of their offering. Read More

The urgency of an international status for climate refugees

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The professor of Philosophy of Law and researcher at the University of Valencia (UV) Ángeles Solanes has legally reviewed in a scientific article the notion of climate refugee and evidence that environmental degradation can compromise the effective enjoyment of the right to life and lead to the need for international protection. With her analysis of the work of the United Nations Human Rights Committee and others, the expert is committed to legally linking climate change and human mobility. Read More