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Analysing the effects of pandemics on public spaces in the Renaissance and today

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The University of Valencia is part of the Public Renaissance: Urban cultures of public space between Early Modern Europe and the Present (PCI2019-103749) project that studies the urban cultures of public space in sixteenth-century Europe. Researchers involved in the project have released a video on the impact of pandemics on the public space ( Read More

One in three people say they are afraid to go out on the street after self-isolation

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Cristina Aybar, José M. Pavía and Rosa Roig of the research group in Electoral Processes and Public Opinion (GIPEyOP) of the University of Valencia have carried out an analysis on the situation, assessment and perception linked to COVID-19. The report shows the preliminary results of the group’s survey during the de-escalation period, between April 28 and May 4, on nearly 8,400 people.

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The Catholic precept of not having sex during Lent was maintained until the end of the Franco regime

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Research from the Universitiy of Valencia (UV) and the University of Alcalà (UAH) has shown that, during the Franco regime, in Spain the number of conceptions of daughters and sons during Lent was lower than before and after this period of the Catholic calendar, following the precept of sexual abstinence. The study, published in the prestigious European Journal of Population, suggests that the change in the reproductive pattern experienced since 1975 is due to cultural factors such as the secularisation of society and the universalisation of the use of contraceptive methods, as well as family planning.

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Specialists from three universities analyse the legal regulation and conditions of teleworking

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Three specialists in Labour and Social Security Law from the universities of València, Seville and Santiago de Compostela have analysed whether telework is a right or an obligation, how to control compliance with labour obligations, how to compensate the use of workers’ own means or what role social agents must have in their negotiation. Currently in Spain approximately 10 million people telework as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Study strives to identify children and adolescents in need of psychological help due to social isolation

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Fear of COVID-19 and mandatory social isolation can result in psychological consequences and alter emotional states in children and adolescents. Aiming to identify emotional symptoms within these cohorts, researchers from the Health Psychology Department at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) are leading a study whose goal is to offer them an online intervention program that helps them enhance their coping skills and reduce emotional problems.  Read More