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Study shows that spending on culture helps win elections

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A study by the Research Group in the Economy of Culture of the University of Valencia (ECONCULT), published in journal Sustainability, provides evidence that the spending of local governments on culture is leveraged in an opportunistic way by the governing parties in medium-sized cities, leading to increased spending in the pre-electoral year in order to win over voters. Read More

One in five WhatsApp hoaxes about COVID-19 address its prevention or cure

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Three researchers from the University of Valencia led by the professor of Journalism Carolina Moreno have published a study in which they analyse the hoaxes disseminated through WhatsApp in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of identifying what type of substances were promoted to be consumed. One in five text, video or audio threads was about the prevention or cure of the coronavirus, argued on the principle of medical authority and basically promoting the use and consumption of substances of natural origin. Read More