The UMH obtains the EU’s HR Excellence in Research Award

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The European Commission has just awarded the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) the HR Excellence in Research Award. This award lends official recognition to the commitment of the UMH to the most demanding levels of quality in all the processes linked to the recruitment, working conditions, training, management and responsibility of the research staff in any type of contractual relation, as well as the entity’s commitment to maintain and improve these levels of quality in the future. Read More

The ERI Reading of Valencia University shows that reading on paper is more effective than on digital devices

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A study led by the Interdisciplinary Research Structure for Reading research (ERI Reading) of the University of Valencia has shown the so-called “paper superiority effect”: people understand better the same text if they read it on paper than if they read it in digital format (for example, on tablets or computers). These conclusions are a novelty in the scientific literature to the extent that the introduction of new technological means in schools is more frequent nowadays. Read More