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Scientists detect rapid changes in a black hole that may help understand the origin of the most energetic radiation in the Universe

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Scientists have discovered very rapid changes in the structure of its magnetic field that confirm the predictions of the main models of gamma-ray production in black holes. The phenomenon, observed through the ALMA telescope, contributes new data to the study on the origin of the most energetic radiation in the Universe. Read More

Kinship recognition increases conflict between sexes and may impair the survival ability of many species

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Researchers at the Institut Cavanilles Institute of the University of Valencia have just reformulated the relationship between selection by kinship and conflict between sexes in many species. Contrary to what was suspected, the recognition of kinship causes an increase in conflict, which could reduce the survival of populations. The work, based on new mathematical models, has been published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. Read More

Researchers analyse how the fungus that causes verticillium wilt attacks olive trees

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Researchers from the Universities of Valencia and Cordoba, as well as from the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have studied the fungus that causes verticilosis, a disease that kills millions of olive trees. Through the observation of the olive root microbiome, they conclude that verticillium wilt is driven by a wide community of microorganisms that unite to attack plants, making researchers rethink how to cope with it. The results have been published in the prestigious journal BMC Plant Biology. Read More