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A galactic source of gamma rays detected that could produce very high-energy cosmic rays

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IFIC researcher Francisco Salesa Greus, along with other members of the HAWC collaboration, have detected very high-energy photons from a galactic source that could produce cosmic rays. The detection of neutrinos through telescopes such as KM3NeT or IceCube would confirm the study. This finding has been published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Read More

Astrophysicists detect for the first time a blue ray from its genesis, shooting upward in the stratosphere

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An international team of scientists in which the University of Valencia participates has detected, for the first time in history, a blue jet with all its geometry from the first microsecond of its genesis, following it as it propagates in the stratosphere. The discovery affects the study of the warming of the highest areas of the Earth’s atmosphere and the global electrical circuit. The work appears published in journal Nature. Read More

Differences between neutrino matter and antimatter revealed

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Researchers from the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC), from the Physics Institute of Other Energies (IFAE-Barcelona) and from the Autonomous University of Madrid, have contributed to reveal a basic property of neutrinos that had not been measured until now. It represents an important step towards learning whether neutrinos behave differently in their matter and antimatter forms. The obtained results have been published as the front-page article of journal Nature. Read More