If you have experience as an expert evaluator in an EU framework programme, send us your expression of interest, together with your CV (short version). You can read the terms and conditions of becoming an expert evaluator here, and fill in the form to become one of our expert evalulators here.

Why be an expert evaluator?

  • Get to know researchers in your field and help them win more EU funding
  • Stay abreast of the state-of-the-art in your field
  • Financial compensation

What do we expect from our expert evaluators?

  • Expert evaluators are encouraged to share valueable insights into the evaluation procedures used by the EC
  • You will issue a report on the draft proposal assigned to you using the same methodology and criteria applied by the EC; for two-stage submission schemes, you will be expected to produce two reports complete with final scores
  • You will not be held responsible for the success or failure of the proposal
  • Full confidentiality


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