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A new methodology with chemical and physical analyses differentiates Ibero-Roman from Punic ceramic fragments

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A multidisciplinary team from the University of Valencia (UV) and the Archaeological Museum of Sagunto has used a new methodology to learn the origin of a ceramic set of amphorae from Sagunto and differentiate their Ibero-Roman or Punic origin. This new tool adds chemical and physical analyses to classical reconnaissance techniques and will make it easier to classify new archaeological findings. Read More

Artificial Intelligence also has illusory perceptions

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A study on visual illusions in artificial neural networks, in which the University of Valencia participated, reveals that artificial perception does not eliminate the subjectivities and biases of the human brain. That machines can be wrong in their perception of reality, as people are, is one of the main conclusions of a study recently published in the Vision Research journal.

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Research proves the link between intestinal bacteria and recent memory

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Since 2006, several studies have shown that morbid obesity is associated with impaired immediate and recent memory. Now, staff from the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI), the University of Valencia (UV) with Genetics professor Andrés Moya, the Fisabio Foundation, the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (UPF) and CIBEResp, have just published in the journal Cell Metabolism the results of a study that relates immediate and recent memory with the presence of certain intestinal bacteria (known globally as the intestinal microbiota). Read More

Handheld robotic exoskeleton to improve the lives of people with hand mobility problems

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The Engineering Design and Technological Development Group (DIDET), from the University of Alicante ArtefactosLAB, has once again taken a step forward in terms of social innovation with the design of a new handheld robotic exoskeleton. Named [flick], this robotic exoskeleton improves the lives of people with limited or no ability to move due to neurological and/or physiological disorders. Read More