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What is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary and often called Really Simple Syndication) is an XML document, designed for the fast distribution of news from webpages. RSS files, also known as RSS feeds contain a list of news as a kind of summary of the content that has been published in the referred webpage. Each element of the list consists of the news title, a brief summary and a link to the complete piece of news.

How can I subscribe to the R&I WORLD’s RSS sections?

Once you have a “RSS reader” installed, you just have to follow the instructions. Basically, you have to copy the URL of the news titles you have selected and paste it in the news reader and accept it.

If you use one of the web “RSS reader” (Google, Bloglines, Yahoo, Windows Live, Nevibes, Planetaki o Wikio), you just have to click on the corresponding button.

Which software do I need to access the RSS version?

You just need a RSS reader, if you do not have one, you can download and install it. You can do it through:

Feed Demon

If you’d rather have your RSS subscriptions anytime and anyplace, you can freely sign up in any of the following webpages, where you will be able to easily add and manage your news sources.

Windows Live


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