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20 julio, 2021

Research confirms photography and self-portrait as pedagogical resources for identity reconstruction

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Ricard Ramon, professor at the Faculty of Teacher Training at the University of Valencia, has researched the use of artistic self-portrait and photography as tools to achieve personal reflection and to also reflect on the surroundings of the individual represented. The conclusions confirm that the teacher training and visual and plastic arts students that have used it for self-conception and self-recognition are more aware of their own identity. Read More

Researchers capture the image of the heart of the closest radio galaxy

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An international astronomy team that the University of Valencia is part of, has just published in Nature Astronomy the image of the heart of the Centaurus A galaxy in the finest detail ever. The work specifies the exact point where the supermassive black hole of this galaxy is located and allows us to observe how a gigantic jet of matter escaping from the black hole at speeds very close to that of light is originated. The image challenges current models of the origin of jets in black holes.

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Spanish university lecturers work more hours than their contracts stipulate and 50% work more than one extra day per week

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Eighty per cent of Spanish university lecturers work more than the established 37.5 hours and fifty per cent do more than one extra day of work per week, according to the analysis of data collected in a survey on teaching and research staff at different Spanish universities by Ismael Cabero Fayos of the Department of Education and Specific Didactics and Irene Epifanio López of the Department of Mathematics at the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló and member of the University Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies. Read More