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9 julio, 2021

Researchers design a system for detecting floods from space using Artificial Intelligence

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Researchers at the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Valencia, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Phi-Lab of the European Space Agency (ESA), have developed a model for flood detection based on neural networks. It’s called WorldFloods and has been launched into space by aerospace company D-Orbit from Cape Canaveral.

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The geographer shows that, despite raining less, the torrentiality of the Mediterranean watercourses has increased

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Ana Camarasa, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Valencia, has compared the rainfall registered in the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation between 1989 and 2018. By analysing more than 800 rainfalls and more than 140 floods in four Valencian boulevards (including the ravines of Poyo and Carraixet, at the south and north of València) the expert concludes that in the final part of the studied period there have been more situations with risk, and also the avenues have intensified due to human action by reducing infiltration and increasing surface overflow and erosion.

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