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1 julio, 2021

The last Neanderthals of the Peninsula used local resources such as quartzite to make their tools

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Researchers Aleix Eixea, from the University of Valencia, and Joseba Rius-Garaizar, from the National Research Centre on Human Evolution (CENIEH), have published a study on the lithic technology of the last Neanderthals of the Iberian Peninsula retrieved from the Peña Miel site (La Rioja), one of the most recent dating sites. The study concludes that elements close to the site were mostly used such as quartzites, rather than flint, of great predominance in Neanderthal culture.

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Research paves the way for possible therapeutic targets for the treatment of liver fibrosis

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Research by the University of Valencia, CIBERehd and FISABIO offers an exhaustive analysis of the different published studies on autophagy, a cellular process involved in liver fibrosis. The work addresses the different aspects of a scientific dichotomy in this field and paves the way for the search for possible therapeutic targets for the treatment and prevention of the disease. The article is The Journal of Pathology’s cover story. Read More