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junio 2021

Age is the main explanation for the genetic mutations of skin cancer

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The Research Group on the Evolution of Cancer Genome of the Universitat Jaume I has conducted an international study, The effect of age on the acquisition and selection of cancer-driving mutations in normal sun-exposed skin. The main conclusion of this work is that age is the factor that explains most of the genetic mutations associated with the appearance and development of different cancerous tumours that affect the skin. The authors have published an article on the research in Annals of Oncology, the prestigious official journal of the European Society of Medical Oncology. Read More

Summer mobility and mild controls spread the SARS-CoV-2 variant detected in Spain in 2020

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The University of Valencia (UV), the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of the Valencian Community (FISABIO) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have participated in an international research, published in the journal Nature, which explains how the SARS-CoV-2 variant initially detected in Spain became the predominant one in several European countries during 2020. Read More

Specialists create software to study the spatial distribution of COVID-19

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Specialists from several centres, including the University of Valencia, have developed customised software that makes it possible to study the spatial distribution of the Covid-19 pandemic online. The tool works by tracking patients in space and time and thus facilitates controlling the transmission of the virus and making decisions on eventual area-based confinements. Read More

“League”, “football” and “premier league” were the most repeated sports terms on Twitter at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Luis Millán González, researcher and professor of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the University of Valencia, has led a study on the relationship between COVID-19 and sport on social network Twitter during the first months of the pandemic. The work confirms the importance of European football, the Olympics (which were cancelled at that time) and that a majority of tweets focus on men’s professional sports and large mass events. Read More

The first Iberian lead plate found in a regulated excavation in the Pico de los Ajos in Yátova is in archaic writing

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A multidisciplinary research team from the University of Valencia (UV), the Prehistory Museum of Valencia (MPV) and the University of Barcelona (UB) has published a study detailing their discovery and interpretation of a lead plate with Iberian writing, the first one obtained in a regulated excavation in Pico de los Ajos (Yátova), one of the most important Iberian sites. This sheet, of archaic writing and an unknown theme, has been able to be phonetically transcribed and advances our knowledge of Iberian culture.  Read More

Artificial Intelligence to help diagnose medical imaging pathologies

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The Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC, UV-CSIC) has launched the DIRAC project with the support of the AVI and with the collaboration of the FISABIO Foundation and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Aimed at developing a technological system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the project will improve the interpretation of medical images and can be applied in hospitals, clinics and health centres. Read More