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28 mayo, 2020

PCUMH business ecosystem united in the fight against COVID-19

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The epidemiological crisis caused by coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the population. Social isolation, the collapse of healthcare systems, and the paralysis of activity in many sectors are just some of the visible effects. Nonetheless, since the declaration of the state of emergency, outbreaks of solidarity have been emerging in Spain. People are donating money to carry out actions against COVID-19, owners of 3D printers are getting involved by manufacturing personal protective equipment, and businesses are focusing their knowledge to encounter solutions to alleviate the consequences of coronavirus. Read More

The modernisation of Spain reduces the gender gap in political knowledge

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Rosa Roig, Cristina Aybar and José Manuel Pavía, professors at the University of Valencia, have concluded that the gender gap in political knowledge narrows as the modernisation process of Spain progresses. After analysing 600,000 CIS surveys from 1996 to 2017, in an article published in the scientific journal Sustainability, they affirm that transformation in a post-industrial country affects traditional gender roles and cultural patterns, which in turn impacts the political behaviour of its citizens, with female access to political knowledge. Read More