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13 mayo, 2020

University helps mass production of protection screens

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A team from the Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSA), the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Institute of Heritage Restoration (IRP) from Valencia’s Polytechnic University (UPV) is working, thanks to the collaboration of the Territorial School of Architects of Valencia (CTAV), in the mass manufacturing of protection screens for healthcare staff exposed to COVID-19, through semi-industrialised serial casting techniques. The CTAV contributes economically to manufacturing this equipment. Read More

Adapters redesigned to use snorkel masks as respirators for COVID-19 patients

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A team composed of professor and researcher for Valencia’s Polytechnic University (UPV), Juan Antonio García-Manrique, doctor Alfonso Borja – maxillofacial surgeon -, and company Mecanizados Fransal, has developed two models of adapters that make it possible to use snorkel masks that are available on the market to treat patients affected by COVID-19 in hospitals and clinics, as well as to protect healthcare staff. Read More