Research shows the correlation between a high energy gamma burst and the development of thunderstorms

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International research involving the University of Valencia (UV) that has shown the correlation between high energy gamma burst and the development of thunderstorms at the millisecond level is on the cover of prestigious scientific journal Science in its January issue. The research addresses two violent atmospheric phenomena observed by the International Space Station (ISS), in which ultraviolet, optical and high energy emission were captured together. Read More

The University of Valencia leads European project No Rumour Health to combat disinformation about health on social networks

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Carolina Moreno, Professor of Journalism at the University of Valencia, and researcher Empar Vengut, manager of the No Rumour Health project, have started working on the project with a consortium of three European countries (Spain, Greece and Poland). The proposal, with a duration of two years and endowed with almost 130,000 euros in funding, aims to design a mobile application for older people to help differentiate whether the news they collect through social networks is true or false.
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