Study shows link between teaching methods and student knowledge

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A study by the Group of University Education Research (GIPU) concludes that university students learn depending on how they are taught. The GIPU ( is an interdisciplinary group which integrates researchers from four Valencia universities and is headed by professor Bernardo Gargallo López, from the Theory of Education department of the faculty of Philosophy and Education Science. Read More

UMH creates an algorithm to accurately calculate solar panel parameters

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Researchers from the University Institute for Research (CIO) of Alicante’s Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH), Elche Javier Toledo, the Group of Industrial Electronics (IE-g) of the UMH José Manuel Blanes,  and the Architectural and Computer Technologies Group of the UMH (GATOM), Vicente Galiano, have designed an algorithm that allows users to calculate online, on the website, the parameters of a model that emulates the behaviour of a solar panel. The algorithm has made it possible to create the first website of these characteristics in the world by working completely independently, and is able to function with the figures of voltage and intensity of any solar panel. Read More

Researchers explain why base metabolism varies with mass

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A multidisciplinary team of researchers of the Universitat de València, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y and the Queen Mary University of London has managed to solve a puzzle that had bewildered biologists for over a century: how and why an organism’s base metabolism varies depending on its mass. Base metabolism is the minimum energy that an organism consumes to stay alive. The group’s work has been published in Scientific Reports, Nature’s open access variant. Read More

Tackling violence among young couples

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There is growing concern on gender violence appearing among younger people. In fact, according to the EU-wide “Violence against women” survey performed by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in 2014, 33% of women has been or is exposed to some form of physical or sexual attack from the age of 15. The results of this survey prove that young women are specially vulnerable to gender violence. Even at a younger age, physical and sexual violence among youth (ages 18 to 24) is similar to that of the older population (20% compared to 22%). Meanwhile, psychological violence is alarmingly greater: 50% of young women have been psychologically attacked by their partner. Read More

Can improved animal wellbeing lead to lower amounts of antibiotics being administered and thus fight the proliferation of resistant microorganisms?

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The increase in antibiotics administered to animals has contributed to the proliferation of microorganisms that are resistant to this type of medicine. Furthermore, Spain is one of the top consumers of antimicrobials in regards to animal production in the European Union. Therefore, researchers at the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Investigations (IVIA), Valencia’s CEU UCH and UPV universities and Barcelona’s UAB university have started a joint investigative project to design strategies to improve the wellbeing of chicken and rabbits bred for human consumption that make it possible to reduce or eliminate the administration of antibiotics. Their proposal has obtained financing by the National Institute of Agricultural and Alimentary Research and Technology (INIA), as part of the research and development program of the national Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as well as the National Research Agency. Read More