Educational robotics to help reduce the gender gap in computational thinking

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The GREAT research group has analysed the digital competence of students of Early Childhood and Primary Education.

The research group “Ensenyament, aprenentatge i tecnologia” [Teaching, learning and technology] (GREAT) of the Universitat Jaume I has designed and implemented a training process in educational robotics to reduce the gender gap in computational thinking of the students of Early Childhood and Primary Education. The conclusions of this UJI research on digital competence have been published in the Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice. Read More

Adrián Todolí investigates the risks that Artificial Intelligence can cause in occupational health

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A study by Adrián Todolí, professor at the Faculty of Law and co-director of the Chair of Collaborative Economy and Digital Transformation of the University of Valencia, highlights the health risks that algorithms and artificial intelligence can cause due to progressive work management automation. Published in the journal Labour & Law Issues, the article warns that machines can treat humans as if they were other machines and proposes that the algorithms be designed considering existing occupational hazards. Read More

New multiplatform photon switch for application in quantum technology designed and developed

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An international team led by the Institute of Materials Science (ICMUV) of the University of Valencia has developed an optical (quantum) switch that modifies the emission properties of photons, the particles of electromagnetic radiation. The new device works with ultra-fast switching times and very low energy consumption and, in comparison to other designs, it can be implemented in a variety of semiconductor platforms and is of great application in current quantum technologies. Read More

New theory will allow for the design of lasers based on quantum physics

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A five-country research team coordinated by Germán J. de Valcárcel Gonzalvo, Professor of Optics at the University of Valencia, has developed a new theory —the coherent master equation— that describes the behaviour of pulsed lasers based on fast materials and highlights its effects of quantum coherence (the ability of material and light electrons to oscillate in unison for some time). These lasers can emit intense pulses of light of one billionth of a second at a constant rate and have great technological and scientific impact. Read More

New system to improve the dismantling of nuclear power plants

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Researchers of the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC), a mixed centre of the University of Valencia and the CSIC, has developed a system that helps classify the waste generated in the dismantling of nuclear power plants. GUALI, as it is called, will reduce costs and storage volume. The system has been developed together with the public company ENRESA and has been successfully tested in the dismantling of the Zorita plant. Read More