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The metabolism of the intestinal microbiota in the first year of life, described for the first time

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A research team with the participation of the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio) of the University of Valencia, together with FISABIO and CIBERESP, has carried out the first metatranscriptomic study of the gut microbiota of babies, which has allowed to unveil the metabolism of the intestinal bacterial community during the first year of life, with a level of detail unknown until now. Read More

Researchers design mathematic algorithms to improve the detection of early cognitive impairment

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Researchers of the Pharmacy and Mathematics departments of the CEU UCH university in Valencia have collaborated in the design of two artificial intelligence algorithms that improve the screening of positive cases in the early detection of cognitive impairment in chemists. These algorithms also make it possible to identify the main risk factors of developing some type of dementia in the future. The study, published by scientific journal Frontiers of Pharmacology, lies within the framework of the research project financed with the kNOW Alzheimer grant, headed by Pharmacy Degree Vice-Dean Lucrecia Moreno in collaboration with researchers María Dolores Guerrero and Maite Climent, president of the SEFAC-CV, and professors of the Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence Group of the CEU UCH, Juan Pardo and Javier Muñoz. Read More

Researchers discover the initial stages of the folding mechanism of membrane proteins, key in the design of medicines

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An international team coordinated by the Interdisciplinary Research Structure in Biotechnology and Biomedicine (ERI BioTecMed) of the University of Valencia has proved how the folding of membrane proteins begins before they are inserted into biological membranes, a fact that has been central to the biochemical research for decades. The study, published in the Nature Communications journal, has been coordinated by Ismael Mingarro, professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the academic institution. Read More

Valencia researchers analyse worldwide anaesthetic-caused deaths in animals

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Veterinary Anaesthesiology professor of Valencia’s CEU UCH University, José Ignacio Redondo, has conducted an international study on the anaesthetic-caused death rates in cats and dogs, which he recently submitted before the World Congress of Veterinary Anaesthesiology, held in Valencia. The results come from analysing up to 16,000 cases provided by 146 veterinary clinics from the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Argentina, Australia and Spain, among other countries, which voluntarily collaborated in the study. The reduction in deaths due to anaesthesia among dogs and cats and the safety of the protocols used by veterinarians, between the pre-anaesthesia phase and the 48 hours following extubation, stand out among the study’s results. Read More

Plants prove to be efficient antifungal factories

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Researchers of the Institute of Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMCP), a mixed centre of the Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), in collaboration with the Centre of Agrigenomic Research (CRAG) of the CSIC, the government of Catalunya, the Authonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona; and the Institute of Food Agrochemistry and Technology (IATA) of the CSIC, have been able to efficiently produce antifungal proteins in plants, based on a modified tobacco mosaic virus. The results of this research, which could have a great impact in the agri-food industry, have been published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal. Read More

Functional capacity of haemodialysis patients assessed for the first time

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Over two million people receive haemodialysis treatment worldwide. Their forced physical inactivity for hours while they receive the treatment several times a week, as well as the muscular atrophy derived from the chronic kidney disease, affects their physical condition, and affects them during activities as common as walking or standing up after sitting in a chair. Several studies have shown the efficacy of exercise during haemodialysis sessions, including those published by the Physical Therapy Group of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia, Spain. Now, this team, headed by professor Eva Segura, has evaluated three physical condition tests that are typically used to study exercise during haemodialysis to determine their suitability for these patients. Read More

Experts and students from 14 European countries analyse nurses’ role in prescription and dispensation of medications

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The University of Alicante has joined the European project DeMoPhaC (Development of a model for nurses’ role in interprofessional pharmaceutical care) to establish a common framework for nursing professionals in interprofessional pharmaceutical care. A preliminary study on 3,300 European nurses, doctors and pharmacists found that greater involvement of nursing professionals in pharmaceutical care would have a positive impact. Read More

Researchers discover for the first time how a specific cell gene affects the transformation of others

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An international team of seven institutions from Spain and the US including the University of Valencia has discovered for the first time that the biological activity of the c-MYC gene is necessary so that cell reprogramming occurs, that is, the process by which a specialised cell –for example, a neuron– is transformed into a different cell type. According to the results published in Stem Cell Reports magazine, internal cellular activity favoured by the genes of the MYC family may be the cause of any cellular transformation. Read More