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The finding of Portuguese crowberry seeds in a cave in Alicante confirms its consumption in the Upper Palaeolithic

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Carmen María Martínez, researcher at the University of Valencia, leads a study that reveals the consumption during the Upper Paleolithic of Portuguese crowberry (Corema album) fruits, which is currently endangered in the Mediterranean with a few specimens in the Serra Gelada. Published in the Quaternary Science Reviews magazine, the work on samples found in the Cova de les Cendres (Teulada-Moraira, Alicante) confirms the increase in aridity and sea level fluctuations at the time. Read More

Biodiversity is key for the fertility and productivity of arid ecosystems

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A Spanish and French team of researchers including Universidad de Alicante (UA) researcher Santiago Soliveres, members of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, the National Agronomy Research Institute of France (INRA) and the Spanish National Research Council, has studied the multiple facets of vegetable biodiversity in 123 arid and semi-arid ecosystems across the planet. The results, which are compiled in an article published in journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) show the importance of species with scarce presence and their evolutive history to maintain land fertility and productivity in arid areas around the world. Read More

Researchers quantify the impact of autonomous vehicles on traffic

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Researchers of the UWICORE laboratory, of the Department of Communications Engineering and the I3E Engineering Research Centre of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche, have proven that the coexistence between autonomous and conventional vehicles will noticeably affect the estimated effects of autonomous driving. According to this study, until at least 15% of vehicles are autonomous, no benefit will be seen regarding the fluidity of traffic and the capabilities of motorways, unless solutions are developed to guarantee an efficient coexistence of autonomous and conventional vehicles. Read More